PHBH - Mindpower

The PowerBless Anniversary Showcase Special was a hit! But now you listeners need some rest after all those crazy podcasts. Introducing Mindpower, our very own mindfulness meditation/relaxation system. Mindpower will let you relax in ways you didn't think we possible. Now do yourself a favour and plug in, tune out, turn on, and find the address of your local government official.

-Tiff xoxo

PowerBless Showcase - Sex Nerds

Please welcome the 7th finalist in our week-long PowerBlessInc. Anniversary Showcase Special!

Sex nerds is a sex positive podcast full of people that definitely get laid and are still not fun to be around.

-Tiff xoxo

PowerBless Showcase - Common Spense

The 6th finalist in our ongoing PowerBless Anniversary Showcase Special is Common Spense! Brought to you by everyone's favourite sales associate Spense!

-Tiff xoxo

PowerBless Showcase - Shit Shower Shane Club

Welcome our 5th finalist in the PowerBless Anniversary Showcase Special! Shit, Shower, Shane is hosted by Power Hour's very own Shane Cooley! Strap yourselves in because this podcast is more fun than all the words in its name combined!

-Tiff xoxo


PHBH - Power Bless Anniversary Showcase

100 years 100 episodes! The boys celebrate the 1 year anniversary of PHBH in grand fashion by holding the PowerBlessInc. Anniversary Showcase Special! Throughout the week we'll be showcasing podcasts and the winner will be selected to be picked up and consumed by the PowerBlessInc corporate machine!

This episode includes the finalist podcasts "Handy Jobs" and "The Official Scugog Channel 9 News Podcast"

Stay tuned as other finalists will be released through the week.

-Tiff xoxo


PHBH - Our Best Escape Room

They boys wake up in a mysterious metal room and need to find a way out. What dastardly bastards could have come up with such a thing? Segments this week include: Key is in the Mattress.

-Tiff xoxo


The boys pitch a brand new show to big shot producer Max Power, he thinks it's great. I was so blown away by this one that I slept in and forgot to post it at my normal wake up time, 1am. I apologize to the boys and you the listeners. 

Special thanks to Sam Feldman you can find him on youtube at BlackGoat 666

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - The Pleasure Craft

The boys decide to read their fan mail but get side tracked by a strange package... sent by an old friend...from a far away place...
Segments: Power Mail.

Lazer-Space 1 is Jason Crevier, Stephen Ellerby, Zack Honey, and two other cool dudes.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Power Court

The boys get independent mediator Judge Pipsi Balboa to settle their dispute! This week's jingles include Recess, Second Recess, Recording Part 2, and many more!

And a special thanks to Ashley Moffatt for no particular reason.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Future Shane

C-bone gets joined by S-bone from the future! It's really good and is in no way beating a dead horse by using an old premise in a slightly different way!

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - AC Repair Guy

A heat wave reeks Toronto this week and the boys are reekin' the studio because the AC broke! They call their AC repairman neighbour Mr Greek and learn quite a bit about him, themselves, and snuff.

A special thank you to Mark Little for no particular reason. Check out Mark's show every Thursday at 11:00pm at Bad Dog Comedy in Toronto, his work in GARY & HIS DEMONS, the My Gorgeous Son Podcast, and the film Room for Rent!

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - A Warning From the Year X

PHBH - A Warning From the Year X

The PowerBless network has received a message from what appears to be two old future men claiming to be Connor and Shane.

PHBH - Randy Andy

Connor's back on the show as a co-host and a parade is being held in his honour! But...all does not go according to plan....far from it, children.

-Tiff xoxo

Bladestorm Chapter 3 - Flight to Biggertown

The thrilling and totally original tale continues! Will Kale Stormguardianson be alright after the bar brawl? How will he find the Famous Secret Den of the Hidden Thieves? And where is his faithful duck companion Fufarthafus? Find out in this chapter of Bladestorm!

Special thanks to guest voice actors Mike Carrozza @mikecarrozza, Natalie Norman @stalkingnatalie, and Chris Sandiford @ohChris.

-Tiff xoxo


PHBH - New Host & Some Dead Ghosts

PHBH expert Connor Doyle joins Shane and Natalie in their best episode yet! This week's segments include "New  Cast, What a Blast!" "Do Some Ghosts" "Lawyer Ghost"  and "Gome".

Check out the wonderful Natalie Norman's Crimson Wave every Sunday at Comedy Bar in Toronto!

-Tiff xoxo