PHBH - New Host, Old Podcast

Half the boys are back! Shane gets lonely after he kicked Connor off the podcast and Obama left him so he's brought on co-host Mike Carrozza and a very special guest.

Please check out @mikecarrozza on twitter and check him out at Boise September 6-9 for the 208 Comedy Fest!

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Hey Mark, Look Who We Got (Obama)

Leader of the Choom Gang and former president of the united states Barack Obama joins the boys to talk about life, love, and sticking it to Marc Maron. 

And for no particular reason please check out the hilarious CHRIS SANDIFORD who hosts a movie-themed comedy show called FEATURE PRESENTATION every third Wednesday at Comedy Bar in Toronto.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Presents: Toke Town

The boys introduce the newest addition to the PowerBlessInc. family: Toke Town! Piff Gnarly - host of Toke Town - sits down to talk about piff, cheeba, choom, and all the other weed stuff that isn't actually doing weed.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Dirty-Man-Run-Around

The boys prep for the annual tuff mudder run around with their trainer Freddy Thunderthighs! 

On a completely unrelated note, please check out comedian Devan Joshi on twitter @JoshiDevan

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Happy Lunar New Year/Best Of's

The boys celebrate the Lunar New Year with this lunar year's best episodes as voted by you, the Powerheads! The boys had no say in what was chosen so don't go whining and complaining and moaning and sleezin. Okay?

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Power of the Wild

The boys give you a free sneak peak at their new super cheap book that can't be beat. It's nuts guys, you'll love it.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Psyber Game

The boys delve deep into psyber-space with the help of IT guy Rebus. Their mission: to hunt. Their prey: Russian hackers. Their prize: eternal glory. 

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Our Tedxx Talk

The boys teach the mysteries of improv to the world. Lift the curtain, peak behind the scenes, peep the secrets.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH 122 - Power Hospital

They boys need money. Well of course they don't need it but they do want it urgently, so they've opened their own hospital! This week's segment's include Diagnosis Room, The Applause Jingle, Top Ten of T.O., Love Doctors, and Fuck With the Knight.

For no particular reason please check out wonderful Natalie Norman - @stalkingnatalie, and her weekly live show @thecrimsonwave at the Comedy Bar in Toronto every Sunday night!

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH 117 - Dad's Here

The boys are in trouble this week when Connor's Dad shows up and wants all the bugs out of the garage! Segments include: Pop Pop Turn It Up, Mean Dad Minute, You've Got A Hot Dad, Go Home. Special Guest: Ashley Moffat

-Tiff xoxo


The boys may have enjoyed the Olympics too much and missed out. Don't worry they've got a brand new Olympics ready for you to compete in.  This week's segments include: Power Olympics Bonus Olympics, Hey Connor Have You Seen That?, Sponsor Hour, Toy Boys, Go Home

Chicken & Dog Cast

The boys had too much cough syrup and are now contractually obligated to air an episode of a mysterious created by an even more mysterious group of people...

-Tiff xoxo?

PHBH 113 - Couples Therapy: Strictly Business

The boys are worried about the financial future of PHBH have a chat with business relationship therapist Glen Domer. Jingles include: Love Shaft, Sounds Like a You Problem, Rocket from the Base to the Tip, Go Home.

-Tiff xoxo

Bladestorm Chapter 1 - No Sweat

The boys have decided to unveil their magnus opium to the world. Bladestorm is a high fantasy epic with bold characters, exciting battles, and a convoluted history. Sit back, turn your eyes off, turn your ears on, and enjoy the first chapter of Bladestorm.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH 110 - Our Jumanji

The boys have a lovely chat with renowned animal expert Agnes Chinocloth about their new business adventure. 

-Tiff xoxo