Lil' Spit 3 - Fan Mail

With the resounding success of the latest entry in the Bladestorm saga, the boys have received a terrifying amount of mail and have decided to read it on air for you!

-Tiff xoxo

Bladestorm Chapter 4 - The Soul Sands

It's finally here! Merry Christmas and happy life day to all you powerheads! Join Kale, Queeve, Fufarthafus, and a new friend on their adventure to stop Blades!

The boys will be on a hiatus until the new year, but don't worry, they cooking something big.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Uber Driver

The boys try and record a podcast on the way to the podcast record. It went okay.

-Tiff xoxo

And for no particular reason please check out Everardo Ramirez host Slam Dunk! at Comedy Bar in Toronto on Thursday November 28th!

PHBH - Coma Tower

The boys wake up to find themselves in a strange world they can't wake up from...Jingles this week include "Rude Trees".

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Wendy's 12am Shift

Connor and Shane got some serious munchies after the weed episode and need to go to the worlds 2nd best fast food restaurant before it becomes the world's worst fast food restaurant at 12am. They also get another message from Andy Sircus, their little cute small tiny gross weird little spaceman.

Jingles this week include WNDY's & Parting the Lunar Sea.

Check out Sam Burns @sam_u_l_boinz for no particular reason.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Our Chip Talk (Now Legal)

The boys are sorry that Connor crashed their car and to make it up to you - THE LISTENER - they've decided to release Chip Talk for free. This is PREMIUM paid content we're letting loose on the world FOR FREE. That's how bad they feel.

Who will be king among the chips? Only Connor and Shane can tell....

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Our Weed Episode (Still Illegal)

Connor and Shane are upset that Canada is legalizing cannabis because it’ll stop being cool, so they’ve recorded this episode of them getting zooted before legalization on October 17th. No segments this week, but there is a small and very brief sneak peak at the boys progressive-rock side project Fantastic Prisms.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Our Mums

The boys are both sick this week so we decided to call in the next best thing to take their place: their mums! Both Patty Doyle and Barbara Cooley are in the studio ready to share the wisdom of motherhood to the masses - and they don’t give a hoot if you like it.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Our Very First Episode

The boys say hello to two very old friends, THEMSELVES! So sit back and enjoy the very first podcast Connor and Shane ever did. You’ll be surprised at how much it sounds like the very first podcast Connor and Shane ever did.

-Tiff xoxo


The boys need a new logo, the old one is bad and old and not good. Jasper Jackson is here to help them out and show off some great new art experiences.

Check out Zack Honey's artwork for no particular reason at

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Meet Fit, Our Dietary Farie

The boys bring in nutritionist Fit to help them lose weight for their upcomming voiceover work.

Please check out Natalie Norman for no particular reason. She hosts Crimson Wave in Toronto every Sunday night, and I'll Be Seeing You Comedy on Tuesday nights, and don't forget to check out the Crimson Wave podcast!

Catch Natalie at JFL 42 opening for Robby Hoffman.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Selling Out

Connor and Shane meet with a podcast collector to see if he'll buy the show. I also get a brief taste of happiness.

Oh, and for no reason in particular check out @piercevideo and @housecatvideo, I know you'll like them.

-Tiff xoxo

PHBH - Diamond is the New Black

THE DIAMOND TWINS ARE BACK! Connor and Shane learned from the last script reading that people like sequels so much they might even hate the first movie if they haven't seen the second first. That's why they brought in producer Lorne Mose to read their script and tell them whats what.

A special thanks to Sam Burns for no particular reason. Check out Sam Burns at the Crimson Wave comedy show in Toronto every Sunday.

-Tiff xoxo